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Building in an ecologically friendly manner means to build for the future

Ecologically - friendly building means the following to us: we build and restore houses by using fewer resources which delivers more life quality with a long lasting and stable value.


Taking care of our ecological footprint starts in the planning process. All our materials have a long lasting durability and are locally produced in Germany. We respect fair working conditions and appropriate loans. Furthermore we always pay detailed attention to all certifications of our suppliers. Building in an ecologically - friendly manner plays an ever growing role in society nowadays. It certainly is not just an ephemeral, short - lived trend, but an overall attitude towards life and the future.


The subject of energy efficiency is one of many examples in this case. Building with us, guarantees that you build in a highly efficient way which will certainly fulfill all requirements for the future.




Ecological building

The use of building materials with no risk in relation to health and the environment.

Minimizing the use of energies and rawmaterials and the exposure to our natural environment in the process of production as well as renovation and waste disposal.

Environmentally friendly
To have the least possible or no impact on the environment in terms of air, soils, water, flora, fauna as well as waste heat, water waste and the use of regional products only.

Saving energy
Saving energy with a well thought - out overall concept as well as working hand in hand with an energy consultant.

Our demand

Health promotion
The use of non-toxic, health-promoting, sound-absorbing materials in order to ensure a more comfortable room atmosphere as well as avoidance of electro-smog.

The making sure of not being more expensive as other products with comparable quality and lifespan.

Value stability
Our houses have a long lifespan, are easily renovated and have their uniqueness in their sophisticated design of the building envelope.

To feel good and comfortable
The use of healthy materials which are able to regulate the temperature as well as moisture as well as absorb sound and taking other aspects such as sunlight and water veins into consideration.

Aesthetic appeal
We have ecologically-friendly solutions for every taste possible taking all senses into consideration.

Transparency through and through in all used raw-materials.

Contemporary and modern
In cooperation with many different craftsmen and partners and a well thought-through general concept, which includes the consideration of the environment of the house, we create a dependable overall picture.